The private lesson is by far the best method for fencing training. With no exception, all good fencers use the one-on-one private instruction with a coach as the core training for their success.


Individual private lessons with a good coach will convey the correct techniques to the student and build the foundation for skillful fencing. Correct training is paramount to achieving mastery in fencing.


Private lessons are available from our highly skilled coaches and are booked in weekly reserved time slots, as single lessons (20 minutes) or double lessons (40 minutes). The cost is between $500 and $700 for a block of 10 single lessons ($50 - $70 per lesson), depending of coach. You need to be a member of the club in order to book private lessons. Non-members pay an additional $20 floor fee per day, or a $75/month club membership.


Fencers should be at the club at least 10 minutes before their lesson start time to warm-up and stretch. There is a strict cancellation policy: private lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance; otherwise you will be charged for the lesson. Emergencies are excepted, of course.


An often asked question is "How many lessons should a fencer take in a week?" You should take at least one and we recommend two to four. Remember that in fencing "you get out what you put into it".


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